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Electric Heaters for the Modern Home

If you have a modern home and like contemporary design then thinking about an electric central heating system that uses eco powered radiators then you may have found the company for you.

Electric radiators fit in the modern home beautifully. They embody the contemporary look of sleek, well planned design and offer timeless minimalist looks that will last and last.

There are all kinds of designs available and the team at Ecopower Heating carefully select from trusted manufacturers in order to build a collection that wouldn’t look out of place in the finest showroom. They offer next day delivery, discount package options, and exclusive quotations based on your requirements.

Their products warm up quickly, radiate healthy heat, and work economically to help you manage more efficient fuel bills.

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  • Did You Know?

    Ecopower Heating Radiators are not painted. Radiators that are painted fade fast. They scratch easily, and can turn yellow over time.

    Our radiators are finished with a tough coating, which is bonded to the metal surfaces using processes usually employed in the automotive industry.

    Ecopower Heating radiators are finished to the highest standards. They are scratch resisitant, and impervious to discolouration.