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Upgrade Your Heating System

Thought about upgrading your heating system? Whilst you may think it’s a hefty investment, the long term can reward you too. Here are some reasons we thought that we would give you if you are thinking about an upgrade to your heating system to an electric one: Benefits of Electric Heating Systems No disruption during […]

Why Invest in Energy Efficient Electric Heating?

If you are looking for the answer regarding why you would invest in energy efficient electric heating then please read on. We are Ecopower Heating and we are experts and exclusive suppliers in Economiser and Vantage electric heating and we know only too well how the current future of gas fuel is uncertain, and how […]

Electric Heating

With energy and natural gas prices increasing lots over the past few years and the ‘big 5’ about to set fuel increases again, people throughout the UK are considering different ways to heat their homes and properties. And with uncertain availability of natural gases in the future, many of us are turning to electric heating. […]

Economy Radiator Company

Ecopower Heating are a leading economy radiator company who work very hard to have their radiators made exclusively for them. Why choose Ecopower? All electric radiators are German or Italian made Warranty periods of up to 30 years Competitive pricing Efficient warmth Maintenance free Low running costs No breakdowns No need for boilers or pipes […]

Economic Bathroom Solutions

If you are changing your bathroom or installing a new one, it’s actually a great time to reconsider your heating arrangements. Opting for economic bathroom solutions means that you can heat the room as much as you need to without the worry of huge fuel bills. Ecopower Heating are specialists in the supply of exclusive […]

Make the Most of Electric Heating Systems

If you would like to make the most of electric heating systems then it can be essential for you to consider the best products available. There are many products on the market that can help you save on your fuel bills, and considering heating systems that work efficiently is one of the things that you […]

Eco Friendly Electric Heaters

You can easily discover how much you could save by installing electrical heating systems. Electric heaters warm up quickly and offer you the heat you need without the wait that you may be used to for more traditional systems to get started. The oil-free technology used to power electric heaters means that this eco friendly […]

Electric Heaters for the Modern Home

If you have a modern home and like contemporary design then thinking about an electric central heating system that uses eco powered radiators then you may have found the company for you. Electric radiators fit in the modern home beautifully. They embody the contemporary look of sleek, well planned design and offer timeless minimalist looks […]

Invest in Economy Radiators

Ecopower Heating know how essential it is to get efficiency in a radiator whilst not compromising on its design. Performance is key and if you want to invest in economy radiators then the expert team at Ecopower Heating are able to help you choose the best radiators for your property. The company are specialists in the supply of […]

Electric Radiators

If you are looking for affordable electric radiators to be installed within your premises then we can help you. We are confident that you won’t be disappointed with our range of heating which provides fantastic energy efficiency and quicker heating up times. Who are we? Eco Power Heating are a leading provider of ‘green’ solutions when it […]

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    We cannot be beaten on quality or price.

    Our prices are lower than any other supplier of quality, German-built electric heating systems. If you find a comparable system of equal quality at a lower price, we will refund the difference.

    You not only benefit from massive savings with the Economiser Range - you also get more for your money. We include wireless programming as standard, and guarantee our radiators for a full 30 years!