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Why Invest in Energy Efficient Electric Heating?

If you are looking for the answer regarding why you would invest in energy efficient electric heating then please read on. We are Ecopower Heating and we are experts and exclusive suppliers in Economiser and Vantage electric heating and we know only too well how the current future of gas fuel is uncertain, and how homeowners in the UK are looking into other sources of heat for their properties.
Main Benefits of Electric Heating
Electric heating works at 100% efficiency
Constant temperatures
No energy waste
The option to choose off peak tariffs 
Make use of future sustainable electricity
No emissions – a greener choice than gas
Easy to install
Fast hot water and heating times
In simple terms, electric heating is energy efficient and when you think of constant energy prices rising due to the costs of natural gas, because electric is generated mostly by gas-fired power stations your electric bills will rise too. With many wind farms being constructed across Europe that generate electricity, it really is looking like a step forward for many homeowners in the UK because it’s great for end users that are reliant only on electricity for heating their home.
If you would like to find out more, the team on 0845 474 1478 are experts. They are Ecopower Heating and are ready to help answer your questions about how investing in energy efficient electric heating will reduce your fuel bills, and make your property more eco-friendly and appealing to future buyers.
  • Did You Know?

    Storage heaters waste more energy than any other form of electric heating.

    By their very nature, storage heaters are very inefficient and lose heat from the moment that the bricks are “charged” over night.

    Much in the same way that a large Thermos flask works - You can expect hot coffee in the morning, but it’s tepid by the afternoon, so you pour it away.

    Our system is effectively re-boiling the kettle with just enough water, exactly when it’s required.