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The benefits of the Ecopower Electric Heating range are clear

  • Low running costs from just a few pence per hour
  • No expensive or disruptive installation
  • No pipe work, boiler or special meter required
  • Maintenance free reliability
  • Outstanding levels of energy efficiency
  • Ideal replacement choice for outdated storage heaters, condensing gas boilers, and oil-fired systems
  • Easily controlled individually or as a full central heating system
  • Up to 30- years’ warranty on electric radiator products
  • Sustainable “future proof” electric heating offering consistently low costs
  • Attractive, slim designs suitable for all environments
  • Fully programmable wireless controllers  for versatility
  • Ranges to suit any room, office, bathroom or conservatory
  • Free carbon offsetting for every customer purchase

Ecopower Heating offers the ultimate in electric heating innovations and leads the way in helping to protect the environment with sustainable, energy efficient electrical heating solutions. Our commitment to the environment extends further than efficient electrical heating with our new Tree Planting Scheme. As a new customer, we will arrange for a tree to be planted in your name and will send you a certificate. Each tree planted helps to enrich the British countryside and absorbs around one tonne of carbon during it’s lifetime. Find out more about about our Green Credentials.

Three key Principles of Performance, Efficiency and Design are your assurance of a quality electric heating solution for any application, whether it’s at home, at work or in your rental property.

Recent winters have been the coldest we’ve seen in over 30 years. Don’t get caught out again. Stay warm and stay in control of your electricity bills with Ecopower Heating. For a quote or advice call now on 0845 474 1478 or let us email or call you back.

  • Did You Know?

    White radiators with plastic end panels turn yellow!

    As the plastic is exposed to continuous heat, it ages fast - turning from white, to a yellow shade. The plastic also becomes brittle, causing serious reliability issues.

    All Ecopower Heating Radiators are built to last, with no plastics used in radiator bodies, or end panels. Your Ecopower Heating radiators will look as good as new for many years.