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Electric Heating: Power Is Nothing Without Control

Accurate temperature sensing and temperature control are vital when considering any heating. The Energy Saving Trust  tells us that turning the heating down by just 1 degree Celsius can help to reduce heating costs by up to 10%, so it stands to reason that accurate control is essential. This month’s blog is your guide to taking control of your electric heating.

Electric Heating – Controlled The Smart Way


  • Wireless Electric Heating Control

  • Fully Programmable

  • Highly Accurate & Versatile

  • Easy To Install And Use

  • Long-Life Battery Powered

The first, and most important factor is the placement of the thermostat. Locating a room thermostat above an electric radiator, or near to an open window will obviously give a false reading. Using an electric heating appliance with a built-in thermostat is also inherently inaccurate. With an integrated sensor, only the heat of the appliance is measured – not the actual room temperature. Find out how our wireless system is installed.

Positioning A Room Thermostat Correctly

Building regulations require zones to be heated independently for efficiency.

The conventional recommendation is to locate a thermostat in a room downstairs that is always heated, and usually takes the longest to warm up, such as a hallway or other area. The problem, is that this creates spikes in energy consumption, and causes other rooms to overheat as the front door is opened and closed. Considering that the hallway is not generally occupied for long periods, the temperature of the area is not as relevant or important to the occupants, and shouldn’t dictate the temperature of the rest of the house. Ecopower Heating’s recommendation is to place the thermostat in a central living area at shoulder height, and on an interior, or exterior wall. The chosen area shouldn’t have any supplementary, or occasional heat sources like an open fire, stove or oven.

Adapt To The Conditions

Using the ideal thermostat position can be problematic, especially if there is no electrical supply close by, and often, additional room thermostats are required in larger properties to create extra electric heating zones. Rooms that are only occasionally occupied, nurseries, and conservatories normally also require independent control. The Economiser Electric Radiator system uses versatile, wireless thermostats to overcome all potential installation and accuracy issues. Utilising long-life batteries, the wireless thermostat controller can be easily located in the ideal position, with no need for any mains power supply. Connection to the Economiser Electric Radiators is made with a wireless signal, so there is no need for any additional wiring.  This not only makes the electric heating control system extremely accurate and adaptable, but it also makes life easy for the installer, and creates minimal disruption for the homeowner or tenant.

Programming To suit Your Lifestyle

The Economiser Electric Heating System includes wireless programmable temperature control as standard.

Although it can be easy to switch electric heating on and off manually, it’s often beneficial to set a program of on/off  timings, and temperature preferences in advance. With a single wireless programmable thermostat, a series of electric radiators can be controlled, and the same programmed settings are issued to all. Heat is provided to the desired temperature, at the set times. The addition of another wireless programmable thermostat in other areas creates additional heating zones. Where an additional heating zone is created, energy can be saved.

In ensuring that an empty bedroom is set back to a low temperature during the hours that higher temperatures are applied to occupied living areas, power consumption is kept to a minimum. Similarly, a wireless programmable thermostat can be programmed to switch the electric heating on in specific areas of the home, in advance of the occupiers return home from work. This creates a warm and comfortable environment, with totally controlled energy usage.

“Separate temperature sensing is essential for accuracy, comfort, and energy efficiency. With Economiser Wireless Thermostats from just £49, it’s more affordable than you think. Find out how you can benefit today.”

  • Did You Know?

    White radiators with plastic end panels turn yellow!

    As the plastic is exposed to continuous heat, it ages fast - turning from white, to a yellow shade. The plastic also becomes brittle, causing serious reliability issues.

    All Ecopower Heating Radiators are built to last, with no plastics used in radiator bodies, or end panels. Your Ecopower Heating radiators will look as good as new for many years.