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Heat-loss factors before insulation are very high

Electric Heating Bills Reduced – For Free!

The type of heating that you choose for your property is as important as the bricks and mortar. We’ve said it before. There is, however, another factor that is equally important. As with any kind of heating system, whether it is electric heating, gas, or oil, it is imperative that the heat generated is used […]

Ultimate Guide To Electric Heating And The Alternatives

Clients involved in housing refurbishment projects often seek help when forming a strategy, so in this guide we take a view on electric heating as a whole, and look at how alternatives such as gas, oil and heat pumps compare in the real world. In some of our past blogs we have discussed the merits […]

Don’t Risk It All On Cheap Electric Heating

Sales of cheap electric heaters rocket at this time of year. As the cold sets in, the UK market is awash with cheap electric panel heaters and liquid- filled electric radiators. Those looking for a bargain and a quick-fix for their home heating problems can choose from a variety of electric heating options. With the […]

Ecopower Warms The West Country

Homes across Somerset are having electric heating upgrades supplied by Ecopower Heating as part of a £25m Government-funded project. Hundreds of social housing tenants across the area will benefit from upgraded energy-efficient electric heating systems which will not only serve to provide warmth for many years to come, but also help them to stay in […]

Night Storage Heaters? Chocolate Fire Guards? eBay Has It All

Replacing Storage Heaters Accounts For 75% Of All Ecopower Heating Business! Replacing your electric night storage heaters can be a tricky, but entirely necessary business. Looking through our stats recently, we worked out that almost 75% of our customers were in the same predicament. They, like you, I would guess, were either stuck with old night storage […]

Concerned By The Price Of Heating Oil?

Sorry, There’s More Bad News  This month we noticed a big increase in demand for our electric heating solutions from customers who have always relied on oil for their home heating requirements in the past. When we asked why the sudden need to change after so long, we expected to hear the usual reason; that […]

The Green Deal

Deal or No Deal? The present government has vowed to be the greenest on the planet – something we support at Ecopower Heating. However, there are some practical concerns. Whilst owners of new properties generally live in well-insulated, draught-free properties, the same cannot always be said of older properties. Victorian terrace houses, for example, were […]

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

How To Make A Painless Buying Decision On Electric Heating Buying electric heating should be considered as an investment. As a vital addition to your home or property, the electric heating system is as important as the bricks and mortar. Making the right investment choice is crucial – and because of the current financial climate, never […]

Condensing boilers ruin Christmas for thousands

Ecopower Heating steps in If you have a wet central heating system and have recently “upgraded” to a more efficient condensing boiler, it’s highly likely that it broke down during the recent big freeze.  We read an interesting newspaper article in the Ecopower Heating office this week and thought we would share the story with you. Michael Hanlon, Science Editor […]

We have a wind farm – and it’s the biggest in the world!

We have a wind farm – and it’s the biggest in the world! We were delighted to see that the new Thanet Offshore Wind farm is now up and running – generating an impressive 300 megawatts of power. Although questions have been raised in the past about the viability of wind turbines as a source […]

  • Did You Know?

    Ecopower Heating Radiators are not painted. Radiators that are painted fade fast. They scratch easily, and can turn yellow over time.

    Our radiators are finished with a tough coating, which is bonded to the metal surfaces using processes usually employed in the automotive industry.

    Ecopower Heating radiators are finished to the highest standards. They are scratch resisitant, and impervious to discolouration.